|  Limited Edition mineral water in an Otis Frizzell art bottle  |

Waiheke Island is known for pristine, crystal clear water and white sandy beaches. Our exquisite water is drawn from an aquifer deep below the island where it is naturally filtered under high pressure through rock and sand making the taste pure and clean. 


Waiheke Reserve is a silky mineral water, soft and fluffy in texture, delivering delicate cloud like sensations across the palate.

Food matches: Waiheke Reserve is perfectly suited to match luxurious textures and flavours such as comb honey, fruit pastes, nuts, crackers, smoked products and creamy cheeses.

Waiheke Reserve is ‘The last of our summer water’ - a celebration around the re-launch of Waiheke Water post floods.

Enjoy the decadent, cloud-like textures of 200-year-old Waiheke Reserve Mineral Water as the perfect compliment to any fine food.


Waiheke Reserve is our Premium Waiheke Imperial water in a one litre Waiheke Water bottle. This limited edition art bottle was designed by iconic New Zealand artist and foodie (The Lucky Taco) Otis Frizzell.


These bottles are Limited Edition, only 5,000 have been made and this water will not be available again.


150 Limited edition signed prints of Otis's design will be exclusively available for purchase to Waiheke Water customers.


Taste of Waiheke Reserve and the limited edition signed prints will be available at Auckland , Takapuna Beach Polo and by contacting us here.


For the full range and more info visit www.waihekewater.com 




"When Waiheke Water approached me to create a custom design for one of their bottles I immediately thought of some kind of water creature. A Manaia or a Taniwha. I took inspiration from the embossed lettering and the colour of the glass bottle and tried to design an original creature that looked like it could be made of either water or blue glass.  I based the shape loosely on Waiheke Island and imagined the Taniwha might be lurking deep in the aquifers under the island protecting the purity of the water."

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